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The Word of God is living and active. If you confess the Word of God over your heart and life, it will not return void. We encourage you to meditate on these confessions.


And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people. (Isaiah 51:16)

The Lord has put His words in my mouth therefore I shall be his mouthpiece, and because He covers me I shall not be afraid to speak.

September 20, 2008

Keys to building what God has made known unto you.

In the book of Nehemiah you can find keys to building what God has made know unto you. Nehemiah went from being the king's cupbearer to becoming a great leader who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah was a model of commitment with great leadership skills

Seek God 1:4-10

Nehemiah took the time to fast and pray and seek the counsel God before he began, he made intercession on behalf of his people. He dealt with his emotions and consulted God to gain peace before moving forward. Like Nehemiah you should carefully seek God's guidance and direction before moving ahead with any plans. Get the wisdom of God for the situation

Assess the situation 2:13

Nehemiah assessed the building of the wall from every angle, he did a thorough investigation, gathering all the facts concerning the present situation of the wall.
He then made his plans on how to go about the rebuilding of the walls before he did any thing, Before you start building you need to count the cost because things are not always as they appear.
Nehemiah put all his knowledge and experience into deciding what should be done.

Become passionate and willing 2:11

Nehemiah was passionate about rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. His passion drove him to the point that he had to go to Jerusalem to fulfill the desire of his heart. Nehemiah was not only passionate but he was also willing to get the job done, a city without walls is open for attacks from the enemy
Like Nehemiah you need to be passionate and willing to do what God has made known unto you.
Your passion will motivate and propel you forward so that you can get the job done despite the circumstances .

Share with others 2: 17-18

Nehemiah shared his vision with others and it inspired the leaders to rebuild the walls. As he shared with them, they ere impressed with the vision. Too often we underestimate people and don't challenge them with the dreams hat God has given us to do his work. It takes team work to accomplish the job.

Use your present position 2: 1-8

Nehemiah being the king's trusted cup-bearer was in a unique position to speak to the king.
He used his position to find favor with the king, and he was given access to bring his plans to fruition.
Nehemiah realized the power of favor and influence and he used it to intercede for his people
As you show respect to those in authority and always excelling at your job, no matter how minor you feel your role may be; your effort will pay off in the future

Look out for opposition 2:19; 4:1-3

God has called you to do a great work, but you should know that the enemy always comes to oppose what God has called you to do. When faced with opposition see it as an opportunity to grow in the things of God. Whenever God opens a door for you their will always be opposition to keep you from going through, how you react will determine what will happen in the situation.The key is obeying God.
Many times people will come into your life to oppose you but that person can turn out to be the greatest blessing in your life, because adversity will drive you to God. Let your opposition strengthen you. Do not hold bitterness against your opposer, turn a deaf ear to the negative things that people will say in order to keep your spirit from being contaminated. Love your enemies and do good to them that hate you. Let the opposition push you to strive for a greater level of excellence, it is your opportunity to become more intimate with God.
Ask God to help you to remain positive at all times.When you obey God in your opposition, you know that what the devil meant for evil God will turn it around for your good.

You do not have time to come down from the wall, you have a great task ahead of you to complete.


Tamela's Place said...

What a very good lesson that we can learn from Nehemiah. And you put it all together so well as to be able to understand it and apply it to our own lives. Hopefully the Lord will give you the opportunity to teach this to more people if you haven't already.. It's some good info.
Take care Gi and God bless you. Tamela

Rev. Thetford said...

Very well said! Great job on making it so relevant!

God Bless,

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